Let’s Give It a Shot at the Purple Turtle

  • slow and steady wins the race
  • a couple of my friends and I decided to go try out a pub (For my first time) in oxford (since we are of drinking age)
  • the first pubs we walked into..i had left my ID back in my dorm
  • after retrieving it, we went out again and this time to a more familiar place “purple turtuel
  • we had to pay a 3 pound entry fee per person. unlike the jazz club in rome, the entry fee did not cover a drink
  • we walked in and they all had a mission: take a shot of baby guiness and try the infamous and fitting brasenose shot
  • they all grabbed a abby shot and with a thrust of their head, they gulped the entirety of the baby guiness down.
  • i, on the other hand, stared in awe. they stared at me, anticpated for me to do the same…so under peer pressure I gave it a shot
  • I quickly gulped it down.. err what seemed as “quick” to me, was far too slow. they asked “you tasted it didn’t you?” and i replied “course!” and they said, “then you drank it too slowly. just gulped it down next time”
  • (next time never happened) then after sitting down and chatting, we got up again to try antoher shot. this time they were ready for the branesone. they order a shot for everyone (but substituitons were made) but me. One of my friends allowed me to take a sip, just to taste it. and the sit i had was so bitter and disgusting, i was mroe than delighted that i owuld not have to down antoehr 3oz worth of what tasted like cough medicine. once again, i was amazed (and petrified) of hwo quicly they guilped and tolerated it.
  • after taking thsoe two shots, they decided to head towards the booming music where the indoor rave was transpiring.
  • as everyone was yelling beyond decibels over the music, i abhor the scene, the music, and espically detested dancing in public. so i excused myself (saying that i would go to the batheroom) and left the loud hodagpodge of grinding people
  • i walked intot he lady’s restoom and peeked in at the sinks that were hoged by women painting their faces with bat poop (aka amscara) chicken feces (lipstick) and ofther defications form bizarre species (foudnation lol i made that up) but it was nonetheless digusting..the loo was filthy with makeup spilled everywhere…so i wondered out
  • the entrance of the underground pub weas filled with smoke of the cigerretes of underaged smokers. there was only one worker that stamped people and collected moeny. people were bgining to line up
  • i didn’t desire to continue people watching for any longer than 10 secs because A, i didn’t want to inhale too deeply of the smoke fumes and b. i was getting bored of the routine
  • so in this 21st centruy era, i quickly turned to my phoenfor comfort. but just my luck, my phone was at 2% battery. I didnt’ have much choice but to scholl through aimlessly under low brightneess through junk (i honestly don’t rememebr what i ended up doing) but before I knew it, it seemed like a long enough “abthroom” break so i headed back in
  • only to discover all my friends had goen on a scavneger hunt to look for me. i quickly apologized for my lack of tolerantce to blaring music and terribel shots that we all decided to leave the pub at once
  • my friendsd provided with solace –but this owuld not be my last pub (no the enxt one was boring. we got cider and left. i didn’t drink the entire half pint…so i wasted 2 pounds)
  • we left and then lingered in one of my friends room to talk about politics andw atch hialrious youtube videos before we realized the clock had struck two and it was time to go.

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