Self Prognosis: Are these Mosquito Bites? Giant Acne? Tumors? Small Pox?

Nine and counting. Nine small (actually they’re abnormally larger than those typical teen acne) round bumps appeared on my face today. But one bite in particular was already apparent two days ago. Yet two days later, the size still never shrunk. This morning, I woke up to three fresh new bites on my forehead. Throughout the day more began to appear on my cheek, nose and eyebrow. I was terrified that I had contracted some odd west nile-like disease. When my roommate noticed me panicking she admitted that there was a mosquito that was trapped in our room last night that she wasn’t able to kill–that only attacked me. I maybe over reacting or maybe this is stress induced–or even an allergic reaction–but I’m patiently waiting for an Italian doctor to come visit me sometime this week. I take that back–the doctor here requires a 25 Euro co-pay. I had already paid for health insurance to be abroad–and the insurance is specifically designed for studying abroad because in the case that if I do (this may sound morbid) pass away, my body would be deported and brought back to the states at no cost to my parents.

Three days later. My face is slowly healing after applying topical hydrocortisone cream on it for a couple nights. Because the size of the mosquito bites has shrunk, it became harder for me to discern my acne with my bites so my face is now really oily. Yeah, one problem leads to another. The bites are undoubtably going to leave a scar on my face.

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