Mooned By a Man Under the Moon

Get pumped! Today’s the last day of class. Looking back, the experiences were surreal

  • played pingpong for 2 hours
  • last tutorial/afternoon tea
  • punting
  • watched my third Shakespeare play (Hamlet, Love’s Labor’s Lost, Midsummer’s Nights Dream)

Breakfast was open from 8am – 9am…and I woke up at 8:55. When I had dressed and ran down to the dining hall, the clock had struck 8:59. During breakfast, you had the option of choosing a “full English Breakfast” (which consisted of scramble eggs, bacon, hash browns (seldom) and a pastry) or the continental breakfast (e.g. yogurt, milk, cereal, fruit). You usually had to ask for the “full English breakfast” and a student of Brasenose would serve you, but the continental breakfast was just a grab-and-go. So I asked a student if I could still eat a full English, and she checked her watch (which by the way was 8:59:45) and then had the audacity to REJECT me from food! Solemnly, with my lips pursed and my stomach growling, I walked out (but as I left, I snatched an apple, box of cereal (rest assure it was a to-go cereal; the smaller lunch box sized) but I forgot the spoon).

With all my food, I walked into the recreational room (AKA: JCR) and sat down at the computer to print out my final essay for my last tutorial. After I had printed out my essay, I hung around the guys and played ping pong. Who would’ve thought we’d end up playing ping pong (jungle pong to be exact) for around 2 hours before I realized I had to go to my tutorial session.

My final session with Andrea was short and sweet.

Then after lunch, my entire class (the all five of us) got together to sign an intricate card from an authentic cute stationary shop around the corner to thank Andrea. With that we headed out to our first and final afternoon tea party with her. We were served a couple of fluffy biscuits, a metal kettle of tea (English tea I presume) jelly and scones. mmm they were soo filling and delectable.

Quickly following our tea party,some of us went to go punting (a national wide sport that’s similar to kayaking but its not). Punting requires a person to stand at the end of the boat with a long (10ft?) metal hollow rod to leverage and steer. Claire, who had been on the rowing team, kayaked her way (by “kayak” i mean like lifting the entire punting rod out of the water and pushing their boat forward with kayak like strokes). Andy, Jonathan and I punted our way through the thick and with a little orr in our boat, helped me and guided me through the waters. Even though we were only able to row half way up the stream, and we switched out punters, we were able to get back to shore in the allotted amount of time before our money was lost.

Finally, I got the chance to watch my third and final Shakespeare’s play: Midsummer Night’s Dream. As the play began, we sat down on the first row of seats on the right side of the stage. As the play (played by Oxford drama students) went on, night was quickly approaching. At one of the scenes the high-spirited fairy was frolicking around, he performed a risque move–he stuck out his butt facing us, and MOONED us. He quickly pulled it back up and resumed his coltish behavior. Other than that, the play was a delight to watch. It’s rare to see happy endings in a shakespearan plays but they’re just as good as his infamous tragedies.

“Life is but a dream”



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