Oxford Lungs

A couple days ago, I’ve acquired the “Oxford Lungs”. It’s an euphemism for saying that I have caught a cold. The built up stress (from falling behind in class), eating too much (yes i consider this a factor), and the weather (drastically colder than Italy and the states).
During the second week, I’ve been trapped inside the choking, chalk white walls of my dorm. I had wasted my weekend on day trips visitng my friends from London, and watching a musical on Sunday. When Monday rolled around, I crammed two essays (350 words each) and read for 2 hours to catch up for Tuesday. On Tuesday, I read through the needed readings for Wednesday and starting brainstorming for my essay for my 1200 word essay that was due wednesday night at 8pm. However
It’s been a struggle. I came into Oxford thinking I’d be having the time of my life but because I wasn’t able to finish all the readings (430pg of coursepacket) I suffered the consequences…ALONE. In Ochem, oh sure I was struggling and I constantly tried to study, but at least I had friends to support me and understand the struggles (probably because they were stuggling with me). But here, there’s about 42 kids with me, so I quickly cliqued up with my friends from Italy. Don’t get me wrong, the Honors kids are halarious and intelligent as Einstein but I just don’t belong. I constantly struggle inferiority complex and it’s not that difficult to tell when soemone acts a little conscedening


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