Stonehenge – Classic Rocks

Today I decided to visit some 25 ton rocks.

  • bus driver notifying us that the lsat tour bus would come around 7pm and if it didn’t then they could lie in the soft pasture
  • we walked towrd the mintuare huts thwere they assumed the cavemen(?) would live. little tipies were buitl with straw and caly–so cosy i thought this would make a second alternative
  • then we ran toawardss th ebus that tooks us to the rocks.bus traversed a low shoulder, one war street for pedatrians and buses –not fit for two buses going in opposite directions. everuthing was timeily?
  • walking there with our audio, we followed the path htat went around the wrong way 98-1)
  • then we ran to the bus, hoping on just in nick of time to catch the tour bus
  • then we headed down the narrow road withsteep jmounded of dirt were piled (burried underneath were bodies of men adn womena nd chidlren) similar to egypitain pyramids and maya pyriids to commenerate the dead
  • when we arrived at our next desintation: city on hill, we walked up a hill which led to apth that circled the entire city. we nknkew we didnt have enought ime. so we cut through the grass and headed tworads the delapitated castle built form rocks (which we thought were also imported from wales since there weren’t any toher traces of rocks newarby_ all was grass terian)
  • we walked aroudn adn read the signs, found a pit stop to drink some water and taste tested odd flavors of nutella/jam (like rum and honey) then headed out into the castle and the reminents of the cathedral (befor ethey split into anglican)
  • then we walked out to the bus stuation and cuaght a city bus to the train station where liz will and i caught it back to…didcot.

It ended with Will, Liz and I stuck at the train station for over two hours waiting for a train accident to subside

we had left the train station around 7. we arrived in oxford around 10:30 makign stops at every station before finally arriving at oxford.  all the passengers from our train/cart had to all board the only train that would run thru oxford.

it would be the last time i would see liz again.


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